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“Bean-to-bar” refers to the chocolate making process in which all steps of the process from cocoa beans to ready-made bars are carried out by the chocolate maker. In this process the beans are selected carefully and the whole process is perfected to achieve highest quality chocolate. The beans are bought directly from cocoa farmers instead of using a long chain of middlemen, which ensures that farmers get a good price for their products. A high emphasis is given to the unique characteristics of the origin of the cacao.
Hoja Verde carries out the whole bean-to-bar process in Ecuador which ensures that a big part of the value created stays in the country of origin and that cocoa producers get a fair share of it. Our bean-to-bar chocolate brings up the delicious aroma and flavor of the Ecuadorian “Arriba Nacional Fino de Aroma” cocoa, considered as the finest in the world. 


The cacao pods are harvested and the beans are removed from the pod.


The cacao beans are left to ferment in the fruit pulp. This is a microbiological process that takes about in which the unique taste of the beans is achieved. The beans are moved during the process to ensure that they are fermented equally.


The beans are dried in the sunlight and then transported to the chocolate factory.


The beans are roasted to achieve the color and flavor of chocolate. Roasting is also an important step to clean the beans from any remains of bacteria that might be left from the fermentation process.

Ground and Descaling

The shells are removed, and the beans are cracked into small pieces called “cocoa nibs”.

Conchado and Refinado

The nibs are placed in the shell. Conching and refining is the process of making the cocoa solids particles smaller and smaller and covering them uniformly with the butter. In this process sugar, cocoa butter and lecithin are added, in case the formula contains these ingredients. The conching also helps to evaporate chemicals that damage the taste of chocolate. A good refining allows us to feel a creamy and silky chocolate, the small particles are imperceptible to the touch of the tongue.

Temperated and Molded

The tempering consists in ordering the cocoa butter molecules uniformly for the formation of crystals. This crystalline organization gives chocolate a shine, making it more solid and stable at a moderate temperature. A good temperado gives us a chocolate that when breaking make a good sound, the snap.

The molding allows us to tablet the chocolate or to make chocolates.


Our own chocolate factory is semi-artisanal with skilled personnel and high-performance machinery of Selmi and Packint brands. The factory is located in the town of Cayambe exactly on the equator line in the middle of the world. In our factory we produce pure chocolate bars, bars with flavors, bars with fillings as well as popped quinoa and coffee beans covered with chocolate. Check our products.