About us



Our dream and purpose is to produce the best possible chocolate in origin with differentiated varieties of cocoa, applying a total traceability model that connects the producer with the consumer, emphasizing on the quality of life of the producers and promoting the culture of cocoa within the community.

A transparent flow of information from the farmer to the consumer encourages the farmer to work hard to produce a high-quality cocoa, and causes the consumer to be willing to pay a higher price for the chocolate in order to have a positive impact on the life of the farmer.


HOJA VERDE chocolates is a company created with the merger of two family businesses with similar visions and values. On the one hand, the Letort family, founders of HOJA VERDE flowers and HOJA VERDE chocolates, and on the other hand, the Vélez family, a couple of entrepreneurs who created the Vélez coffee brand, pioneers in the world of special coffee in Ecuador.

These two families were also joined by two investors and great entrepreneurs: Daniel Hidalgo, and Roque Sevilla. Both with very similar values and with the vision that Ecuador has a great potential as a processor of the cocoa it produces.

HOJA VERDE flowers is born as a producer and exporter of very high quality roses. This company has an excellent reputation all over the world due to its quality flowers, and the work it does with its people and environment. In 2008, the Letort family decided to venture into the world of chocolate as a product with a lot of potential to be exported together with flowers. This is how HOJA VERDE GOURMET or HOJA VERDE CHOCOLATES was born, with the idea of taking advantage of the potential that Ecuador has as the country of origin of one of the finest cocoa in the world.


In 2014, Eduardo Letort met Nicolás Vélez and Isabel Pallares, founders of CAFÉ VÉLEZ, and realize they share similar values, and see the opportunity to join forces. Hence, this is how the merging of HOJA VERDE with CAFÉ VÉLEZ is born.

Café Vélez was a family business created in 2007, born with the dream of improving the quality of coffee consumed in its country of origin, and to ensure that farmers, with a more careful work, could obtain a better price for their product. Café Vélez is now a well-known brand in Ecuador and generates resources for thousands of producer families.


On the other hand, Roque Sevilla, a businessman in the field of insurance, health and tourism, saw the country’s potential as a producer of fine chocolate, for having unique varieties of cocoa in aroma and flavor. Roque has been very actively involved in conservation and sustainable development issues, is passionate about nature and shares very deeply the principles of HOJA VERDE: to create a business that combines profitability with social responsibility towards cocoa producers. He truly believes in the potential of the country as a producer of the best chocolate in the world for having unique cocoa varieties in aroma and flavor.


Daniel Hidalgo joined HOJA VERDE because he is convinced that Ecuador can compete internationally not only with quality raw material, but also with an excellent chocolate, thus integrating the entire production chain. Daniel has 31 years of experience in the world of flowers. He strongly believes in the advantages that Ecuador has to offer due to its geographical location and the quality of its people. His companies have focused on benefiting from Ecuador’s comparative pluses. He currently manages a renewable energy project, which uses the intense luminosity of the equinox to generate solar energy.

Eduardo Letort

Representative of the Letort group, founders of HOJA VERDE.

Isabel Pallares y José Nicolás Vélez

Founders of Café Vélez

Roque Sevilla

Businessman in the field of insurance and tourism.

Daniel Hidalgo

Florist businessman.